Scrum Beer has entered 2017 in a new coat. A coworking space instead of a pub, workshop buzz instead of pub noise… a new format of a good old meetup has arrived. As the Scrum Beer started as a nice idea several years ago, it slowly grew and matured, and now it connects dozens of agile enthusiasts, their experience and knowledge.

storymapping_introThe topic of the meetup was set to User Story Mapping, and it attracted a lot of attention. (Or was it the new format as well?) We had 30 visitors, and what a great audience it was!

A short introduction to the logistics started the show, as Karel Smutný, a well known Agile Coach along with his two colleagues – Ondřej Kavula and Milan Gerža, went to unravel the simple idea of capturing the user’s journey through your product in a structured visualization. All it took was a 5 minutes of explaining the concept,  and the whole group continued and started to create – for some of them their very first – Story Map.

storymapping_discussionAnd as the initial set of ideas emerged on the wall, some principles and patterns started to be more apparent. It was the right time to split the big team to three smaller ones and continue to work on smaller set of problems. One of the audience members volunteered to help with facilitation of one group – thanks go to Kaveh Kalantar, another well known name for agilists – the next two groups were facilitated by Milan and Karel.


The time was running fast, and suddenly the story maps were full and started to make sense. It was obvious that teams could spend much more time on exploring the release strategy, how and why to define MVP,  maximizing the product value… but the timebox wax uncompromising, so the team got back together to the main room. Time for the retrospective!

What was pretty amazing, that after more than two hours of whirling activity, all participants went on and actively participated in discussion how to make next meetup even better. Plenty of ideas were discussed and captured to be implemented later.

And of course, last but not least – there was a beer! A group of 15-ish people then continued discussion and networking activities over a glass of beer and other beverages. So cheers to the new Scrum Beer format, you made it awesome, guys! That is – everyone who participated!


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