Prague Scrum Beer

Self Management (Mar 29, 2017) Summary

The topic for this week's Scrum Beer was self-management and self-managed teams. In the first half of the meetup, Karel shared his experience with self-managed teams in Brand Embassy. We started with exploring the areas where the team is currently.... Continue Reading →

Self Management (Mar 29, 2017) Photo Gallery

DevOps – Beyond Agile (Feb 22, 2017) Photo Gallery

User Story Mapping (Jan 25, 2017) Photo Gallery

User Story Mapping (Jan 25, 2017)

Scrum Beer has entered 2017 in a new coat. A coworking space instead of a pub, workshop buzz instead of pub noise… a new format of a good old meetup has arrived. As the Scrum Beer started as a nice idea... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year 2017!

Dear Scrum practitioner and enthusiasts! Happy New Year to everyone. May your next year will be happier and more successful than the previous one in both your personal and work life. And may the Force Scrum be with you. (Ok,... Continue Reading →

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