Prague Scrum Beer

Self Management (Mar 29, 2017) Summary

The topic for this week's Scrum Beer was self-management and self-managed teams. In the first half of the meetup, Karel shared his experience with self-managed teams in Brand Embassy. We started with exploring the areas where the team is currently.... Continue Reading →

Self Management (Mar 29, 2017) Photo Gallery

DevOps – Beyond Agile (Feb 22, 2017) Photo Gallery

User Story Mapping (Jan 25, 2017) Photo Gallery

User Story Mapping (Jan 25, 2017)

Scrum Beer has entered 2017 in a new coat. A coworking space instead of a pub, workshop buzz instead of pub noise… a new format of a good old meetup has arrived. As the Scrum Beer started as a nice idea... Continue Reading →

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